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Mid-Continent Energy Exchange was created to assist working interest owners, mineral owners, royalty and override owners, land owners, operators, & other energy partners transition their assets at our oil and gas auction. Making a decision to sell assets is often difficult and perhaps confusing; our experienced team of oil and gas auction professionals can help make that transition a smooth and successful one.

“We understand the pride and heritage that comes with generations of owning these assets and we take great care to respect that legacy.”

UP-TO-DATE Auction News

Stark County, ND Mineral Rights Auction

March 23, 2023
Own producing mineral interest in Stark County, ND. This property contains an active lease with a producing well drilled in 2013 with a steady royalty payment averaging $56.13/month. The lease operator is EMEP Operating, LLC. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest!

BIDex Auctions Added

March 21, 2023
Lot 1204 RC-SVIHL-140-95-0706H-1 Royalty Interest in Stark, ND - $96.24/mo income. Lot 1210 Melvin 1-33 PWI in Payne, OK - $110.00/mo income. Lot 1212 Clark KS Open Minerals - 15 NMA in Sec 34-31S-22W. Lot 1213 Selfridge Unit Operated Lease…

Now Accepting Assets for our Next Live Auction

March 21, 2023
We are accepting assets for our 34th Oil & Gas auction to be held in May.  Seller forms are available under How To Sell on the Home Page.  Be sure to fill out a Seller Agreement if you do not…

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We believe that your oil and gas assets are America’s most valuable resource. We will never treat them like a cheap commodity. At our firm, the secret of outstanding achievement is not only talent, but a special blend of passion and persistence called Grit.

At MCEE we believe effort makes skill productive. Whether you are buying or selling, we are the firm that will raise your average.


It was a pleasure working with MCEE. Everything was easy and simple. They were through and through professionals who delivered on everything they said they would. We were very happy with the outcome!

Jack McClendonSiena Natural Resources