Without customers we wouldn’t have a business
We’d have a hobby

Thank you to our buyers and sellers for being part of our 10th auction 8/30/18

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Our live auctions provide an unparalleled in-person asset buying experience. We work tirelessly to connect buyers and sellers of oil and gas assets and provide a platform exactly like nothing else in the industry.
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Bid and buy oil and gas assets now from the comfort of your computer or mobile device with our curated online asset auction platform. 

Our Oil and Gas Auction Vision

Mid-Continent Energy Exchange was created to assist working interest owners, mineral owners, royalty and override owners, land owners, operators, & other energy partners transition their assets at our oil and gas auction. We understand the pride and heritage that comes with generations of owning all these assets and we take great care to respect that legacy. Making a decision to sell these assets is often difficult and perhaps confusing; our experienced team of oil and gas auction professionals can help make that transition a smooth and successful one.

Often times the value of these assets are hard to assess or measure. Our live oil and gas auction platform and vigorous marketing efforts can be a useful tool and resource for a seller to maximize their success. Sometimes a qualified and interested buyer can also be hard to find. Our unique blend of traditional and online marketing brings all who are interested to the table. There is a good chance your very neighbor or a venture capitalist may be bidding on your asset.

From beginning to end, we will diligently work toward a successful transition. Our focus will always be on achieving success within your terms.

21st Century Technology

At Mid-Continent Energy Exchange, we are using 21st century technology, hard work, and our entrepreneurial spirit to assist the oil and gas producers and investors who fuel our nation, help fund the state of Kansas, and confront our nations dependence on foreign oil, by providing an efficient, friendly, and effective marketplace to buy and sell energy related assets.

Our Team

Mid-Continent Energy Exchange, based in Wichita, Kansas, is fortunate to have the following All Star line up who have a combined 75 years’ experience acquiring, selling, drilling, and operating leases in multiple states.

Director of Auctions and founder, Charly Cummings, Real Estate Agent, 2011 World Champion Auctioneer, Farmer and Cattleman.

Finance Manager and founder, Preston Withers, has 23 years farming, ranching, and operating oil and gas leases. More than that, he’s a serial success story with drive and ambition to complete the deal with all parties experiencing success.

Senior Management Consultant and founder, Max Birney, an oil and gas investor, has spent 37 years building one of the largest ag aviation businesses in North America, using negotiation, and problem solving skills, and common sense leadership.

Information and Technology Director and Founder, Martin Enegren, a computer technician and internet service pioneer, is a successful tech business owner with 30 years experience.

Founder, Charlus Bishop, with 23 years oil and gas experience, is the owner of a successful insurance practice and real estate investsor. He brings leadership skills, knowledge, and an entrepreneurial spirit to the group.

Chief Operating Officer Sarah Krehbiel comes to us with over 16 years in the oil and gas industry, specializing in sales and business development within multiple basins in the United States.

Our Pledge

As a seller you can test the market with a few mineral acres, sell royalties, overrides, partial working interests or operated leases. We have the staff, experience, and ability to exceed your expectations.

As a buyer, you can expect us to deliver a quality oil and gas auction with plenty of choices and variety.

For questions, please call our office at 316-217-8820.