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BidEx Lots Ending 4/2/2024

Lot 5139 Stover #1 Partial Working Interest in Stafford, KS — $131.34/mo income. NO RESERVE
Lot 5140 Yosef the Mountaineer, Verl, Shaw Mineral/Royalty Interest in Howard, TX — $34.80/mo income. NO RESERVE
Lot 5141 Renner Carried Interest (ORRI) in Miami, KS — $66.53/mo income.
Lot 5142 Hess Overriding Royalty Interest in Wabaunsee, KS — $51.57/mo income.
Lot 5143 Otsego, MI Open Minerals in Sec 3-32N-3W – 10.6275 NMA. NO RESERVE
Lot 5145 Sydena 1807 2OH-29-32 Overriding Royalty Interest in Kingfisher, OK — $48.28/mo income. NO RESERVE
Lot 5146 Naylor Jones Unit 43 and 44 West Royalty Interest in McMullen, TX — $97.32/mo income.
Lot 5147 HA RA SUTT; Red Oak, et al Mineral/Royalty Interest in Caddo, LA — $758.36/mo income.
Lot 5148 United A&B, Northwest B Mineral/Royalty Interest in Adams, CO — $300.40/mo income.
Lot 5149 Buchhorn Unit Mineral/Royalty Interest in DeWitt, TX — $144.31/mo income.
Lot 5150 Big Chief Fee Mineral/Royalty Interest in Eddy, NM — $200.67/mo income.

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