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Current BIDex Auctions

Lot 1196 Wyoming O&G Leases (Millennium O&G, LLC) in Niobrara & Crook, WY.
Lot 1199 Bartley/D’Asto, Bullard Moyers-Nichols-Houston ORRI in Rusk & Harrison, TX – $646.55/mo income.
Lot 1200 D&P #1 ORRI in Ness, KS – $174.09/mo income.
Lot 1201 Bear Clause A & B MI/RI in La Salle, TX – $103.23/mo income.
Lot 1202 Red Cave Producing Royalties in Potter, TX – $139.66/mo income.
Lot 3040.7 Shull-Crawford MI/RI in Midland, TX – $190.57/mo.
Lot 3043.6 Moseley & Sanders MI/RI in Harrison, TX – $184.17/mo.
Lot 3046.2 East Turner North MI/RI in Reagan, TX – $138.23/mo.
Lots 20114 to 20134 – 21 No Reserve Open Mineral lots in Arkansas and Colorado.

Current BidEx Auctions