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What’s New in the September Auction?

Deeds and assignments will be prepared by the sellers in advance of the sale.  Drafts of these conveyance documents will be provided as part of the data package for buyers to review prior to the auction.  The MCEE Land Department will record the conveyances for the winning bidders.  The operator/purchaser will be notified, where applicable, advising of the new ownership by sending a copy of the recorded conveyance to request the interest be put into suspense and division orders sent out.  The recorded instruments will be mailed to the buyers with operator contact included.  The recording, notifying and document fees (called Recording Fee) will be added to the invoice.  To ensure timely change of ownership, successful bidders are requested to provide title information to within 24 hours of receiving the invoice to start the filing process.

Recording fees are listed in each auction lot and a list is available by lot in the Dataroom.