1. Seller’s Agreement

MCEE will provide the resources and support that you need to sell your premium assets! Our partnership starts with the:
Seller’s Agreement To Sell Properties

2. Submit Asset Information

Selling through Mid-Continent Energy Exchange is a personal experience. Fill out the appropriate seller forms to submit your asset information. We will be in touch to discuss additional details, or you can contact us if you have any questions about the selling process!

Oil Asset Seller Forms

First, select the type of assets you would like to submit. You can even select multiple different types of assets if needed! If you are not sure which types of assets you have, please view the handy description box or reach out to us.

Simply click the “Add” button below the appropriate type in order to access the individual asset information form. Each asset type has a unique form, so please check that you are adding the correct form.

After you have filled out the individual asset form, you may add additional assets by repeating the previous step. Once you have finished, click “submit to send us all of the individual forms. You will be sent a confirmation email with the submitted details for reference.

“Our primary goal is to simplify the selling process and help you achieve a successful transition of assets!”